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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I recently discovered a keratin treatment set that is very affordable. Not only is the following product affordable, it also comes with the full package which is not done at salons for the same price. Amazonliss makes great products centered around giving your hair a natural look, for the fraction of the price. Their whole set (which includes an anti-residue shampoo and a repairing mask for after the treatment), only comes in at a price of $257.99 USD. Although that may seem like a lot to ask for, the average cost of a keratin treatment comes in at $250 to $500 USD. With Amazonliss, you do not just get one treatment, if your hair is shorter you can get away with using less of the product saving you hundreds of dollars rather than getting another treatment done at a salon. You can get up to 5 applications of keratin treatment with just the set, if you only want one treatment, you are also in luck. Their 1 application set (easy for beginners as well) only costs 54.99 USD. You can get a keratin treatment for a fourth of the average cost without having to wait in a salon which could charge you extra. This products works great with curly hair as well and results last up to 4 months. Along with the sweet deal the company is super transparent and they have great natural ingredients such as: cocoa, acai, rice, etc.

See the reviews for yourself!:

Image below: Amazonliss Brazilian Blowout Set

You can get this sweet deal at any of these following links:


Check out the Halloween sale: 25% off

Nutree Homepage: Nutree Professional

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